Monday, September 19, 2005

My New Lady Friend....

Since I'm a young man in my prime - I thought why not invite another woman over for the weekend. My girl Layla won't mind (if any of you have ever seen Layla - you know she's a force to be reckoned with....but still...I thought I was safe).

So my mom's boss was going on vacation and we thought it would be great fun to invite his dog Bailey over. She was a great friend to hang out with - she made herself right at home and soon we were like peas and carrots.

She liked to eat even more than I did - and I love a girl that can eat! She was so cute - I had to take pictures of her snacking!

She's going to be mad at me for posting these photos of her pigging out - but I just had to. It was something I would totally do myself! If my parent's wouldn't get mad...

After her snack, Bailey needed to take a nap and she laid down on the bed I made for was a great weekend!

I thought everything was hunky-dory - and then I heard from Layla....she was not too happy with me. She shook me up a bit - but I like it rough!

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

A note to all my fans.....I must apologize! I have been so busy - I haven't had time to write! I have been traveling and playing with new friends non-stop. I have been really trying to expand my inner posse and after all of my travels I've finally got my crew.

First, my parents went to Europe for vacation and left me home alone...but I was secretly so excited to go to my Auntie Lo's house. She lives in the city and we live the city life when I visit. We party late...and sleep even later. We stroll leisurely through parks and stop for cappucinos at our favorite cafe. Ah, I love city life....I think I am a city soul in a suburban body. Don't tell my girlfriend Layla though, she has dreams of raising our kids in the 'burbs.

I got to hang out with my favorite buddy when I stayed with Auntie Lo - lil' Coop - he's my little friend with a BIG personality!

We wrastle and play all day long - he's so funny - he cracks me up! When he gets that crazy look in his eyes - you know he's about to go nuts! Sometimes when I get too excited and I'm talking to much - he has to get me to shut my trap. So he sticks his head in my works!

He's my best buddy - I can't wait to hang with him again. My parents are going to Montana this upcoming weekend and hopefully Cooper gets to visit.

More to come about my other new friends!