Monday, September 19, 2005

My New Lady Friend....

Since I'm a young man in my prime - I thought why not invite another woman over for the weekend. My girl Layla won't mind (if any of you have ever seen Layla - you know she's a force to be reckoned with....but still...I thought I was safe).

So my mom's boss was going on vacation and we thought it would be great fun to invite his dog Bailey over. She was a great friend to hang out with - she made herself right at home and soon we were like peas and carrots.

She liked to eat even more than I did - and I love a girl that can eat! She was so cute - I had to take pictures of her snacking!

She's going to be mad at me for posting these photos of her pigging out - but I just had to. It was something I would totally do myself! If my parent's wouldn't get mad...

After her snack, Bailey needed to take a nap and she laid down on the bed I made for was a great weekend!

I thought everything was hunky-dory - and then I heard from Layla....she was not too happy with me. She shook me up a bit - but I like it rough!


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