Sunday, July 01, 2007

Did you miss me????

I missed you!
I have had so many new things happen to me since we last spoke. You may ask yourself why no blogging has taken place? Well, to be honest, I was feeling a little exposed after all I had published. I got really carried away with this public forum and the Web 2.0 movement and shared some moments that probably should have remained private. I lost a lot of friends as well as my girlfriend Layla over my "need to share with the people" but I have learned my lesson...I swear. Layla, if you are reading this, I would really like to talk over a couple of bowls of water and liver treats, or hot dog slices - your choice, my treat. Please, I miss you....

ANYWAYS! On to more positive things!

My parents are still living in the same house in Rockville, but now my mom has pretty much given up trying to tell me what rooms I can play in - I play in ALL of them now! I used to sneak in to the guest rooms and act like I was too sleepy to notice I was sleeping in the wrong place. And now that I am asleep - there is really no need to move me, right? Look into my eyes, I am just so sleepy! No moving - too sleepy!!

Well, that pretty much sealed the deal, once I gave my mom "The Look" I could call the guestroom my permanent nap room. Mom pretty much tidies up the room each day so it's ready for my naps. I try not to point out the obvious though for fear she's going to wisen up and start putting up doggie gates. I don't know how to take down doggie gates yet, I don't think you can do it without thumbs?? More research is needed....

The most exciting thing that has happened since I last blogged is that I have become a star. Yeah, I know, it's pretty thrilling and all, but you know - I'm still the same old Chuck as before. I just am a lot better looking now. I think being a celebrity just makes me a lot more handsome. Atleast in the ladies' eyes...not that I've talked to any of them Layla!

I thought I would let you see some of my professional photos, not because I am vain, but just because they really are a work of art. And everyone appreciates art, therefore everyone will appreciate me!! Mom said she was getting a little tired of my bragginess - but even she admitted she had never seen another Lab as handsome as me. So bring on the art!

I was giving a care-free, just being "breezy" vibe in this shot...

This one I was showing my ambition, my desire to take a bite out of life...

And this one, I am most proud of, I was channeling a brooding James Dean-ish look to really show my depth - I think I accomplished what I set out to do...

So now that you know I am famous, don't you find more me handsome? Weird right? It's a natural phenomenon....
Now that I am famous, I've been really "working on my fitness" to quote the lyrical genius, Fergie. I've dragged my mom with me, even though she hates all forms of physical activity. We have been running in the park which is nice for me and my cousin Harry since the park is in his hood.
Speaking of Harry, he got really jealous at all my handsome-ness and tried to stage his own photoshoot with my other cousin Nigel. Let's just say it didn't go so well. They sent me some of the pictures to get my "professional model" opinion and I just didn't have the heart to be honest.

Let me show you what they sent...

I don't think they understood the timer on the camera for this one...

I think this was for an audition for Speedy Gonzalez, not sure though...

I just don't think they captured the look they were going for - I told them they needed to take their famous-ness seriously and get some professional shots taken. They listened to me and are so happy with their results. People everywhere are finding them more handsome by the minute...
Admit it, they are so handsome to you now right! I told you!

So that's it for now gang, I'm still loving life - and living it up as a crazy 4 year old. I have many more lessons in life to learn and I will be sure to share them with you!

I will leave you a picture of my sweetie that I have been pining for - I hope she answers my calls soon - Layla, mi amor, I love you...please come back to me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Soooo Bored.....

I'm so bored...I'm just laying around waiting to do something...

Should I chew something...should I run around in circles or chase my tail? Scratch frantically at the carpet....stare out the window...try to read or watch TV...

Or maybe I just start barking and scare my mom....she freaks out when I start barking...or maybe I could start licking my butt....that REALLY freaks her out...she always yells "not in the house!"

So many options.....what should I do???

Ehhhhh....I'll just lay back down and take a nap....good night!

Monday, September 19, 2005

My New Lady Friend....

Since I'm a young man in my prime - I thought why not invite another woman over for the weekend. My girl Layla won't mind (if any of you have ever seen Layla - you know she's a force to be reckoned with....but still...I thought I was safe).

So my mom's boss was going on vacation and we thought it would be great fun to invite his dog Bailey over. She was a great friend to hang out with - she made herself right at home and soon we were like peas and carrots.

She liked to eat even more than I did - and I love a girl that can eat! She was so cute - I had to take pictures of her snacking!

She's going to be mad at me for posting these photos of her pigging out - but I just had to. It was something I would totally do myself! If my parent's wouldn't get mad...

After her snack, Bailey needed to take a nap and she laid down on the bed I made for was a great weekend!

I thought everything was hunky-dory - and then I heard from Layla....she was not too happy with me. She shook me up a bit - but I like it rough!

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

A note to all my fans.....I must apologize! I have been so busy - I haven't had time to write! I have been traveling and playing with new friends non-stop. I have been really trying to expand my inner posse and after all of my travels I've finally got my crew.

First, my parents went to Europe for vacation and left me home alone...but I was secretly so excited to go to my Auntie Lo's house. She lives in the city and we live the city life when I visit. We party late...and sleep even later. We stroll leisurely through parks and stop for cappucinos at our favorite cafe. Ah, I love city life....I think I am a city soul in a suburban body. Don't tell my girlfriend Layla though, she has dreams of raising our kids in the 'burbs.

I got to hang out with my favorite buddy when I stayed with Auntie Lo - lil' Coop - he's my little friend with a BIG personality!

We wrastle and play all day long - he's so funny - he cracks me up! When he gets that crazy look in his eyes - you know he's about to go nuts! Sometimes when I get too excited and I'm talking to much - he has to get me to shut my trap. So he sticks his head in my works!

He's my best buddy - I can't wait to hang with him again. My parents are going to Montana this upcoming weekend and hopefully Cooper gets to visit.

More to come about my other new friends!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Grandma's Birthday!

I am so excited! Today is my grandma's birthday which means I will get to play at her house all day with my girl Layla!! We got grandma a grill and a computer this year she was so happy - she kissed everyone - and I got kissed twice! I was hoping for a hamburger - but I'll take what I can get.

Speaking of getting some - Layla and I played outside all day!

We kissed on the deck...

Then we kissed in the yard...

Layla was NOT happy with me after this....she told me I had to go home....

But then I kissed her some more and she started smiling soon...she still loves me:)

Now I'm back to trolling around the house looking for food and fun. I'm going to have to take a nap soon - I get so sleepy during the day and I want to make sure I stay up for all the fun later tonight! Maybe my Mom will let me cuddle up next to her. I just have to find her first....

Verrrry Nice! I'm off for a quick nap - Good Night!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wild and Wonderful Chuck!

I've been a bad, bad mom has been working late all this week and I've been acting up everyday! My dad doesn't know what to do!

My mom doesn't know - because I am a very good when she's home. My mom walks me in the morning so I have to be good when I first wake up - she thinks I'm an angel and I'm going to keep it that way!

But as soon as she walks out the door - it's time to play! My dad really likes it when I jump on the bed in the morning. I walk around in circles and sigh and grunt like I'm trying to get comfortable but what I really want is for him to get up and play with ME!

Once I make him get out of bed - I let him know I'm ready to eat!! He never remembers that Mom feeds me and sometimes I get fed twice! But the doctor said I need to lose 8 lbs. so I can only play that game once in awhile - I gotta look good for my girl Layla.

Dad leaves for work and then I have all day to rest up until he comes home - I sleep on the couch while I listen to my classical music - Mom says listening to classical music makes me very smart.

When my dad finally comes home - I am soooo excited! I run around his legs and try to race him up the stairs - then I go and find all my toys and bring them all to him so he can see what I've had to play with all day - it's a desperate plea for more toys - but it never really works. After he rubs my belly - I go sit by my food dish and wait to be FED! Then we go outside for a walk and I chase squirrels and eat sticks and grass - my favorite pastime!

After all of our "bonding" together we sit on the couch and wait for Mom to come home - I sit on Dad and block the TV so he'll pay attention to only me. He tries to work on the computer - but I would rather he play with me - so I get in the way!

Finally, my mom comes home and Dad can finally have some peace! Until tomorrow!!

Monday, July 11, 2005


I am verrrry sleepy on Sundays....I don't get out of bed until noon and then I move to the couch and sleep some more.

After lunch I like to go and visit my girlfriend Layla - I go over - smell her bum - she smells my bum - it's love. Then we share a pile of sticks and hide under the shed. My mom gets mad because I roll around in the dirt and then try to give her a kiss. She doesn't like to get dirty....she's prissy..and I'm messy! My dad doesn't mind though - he claps and yells and gets me all riled up - it makes my mom even more mad - we laugh at her together.

Okay - I'm off to sleep some more....I'll write more later!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Heeeere's CHUCK!

My real name is Buckley but I go by Chuck. I think it sounds more manly. And that's what I am...manly....or atleast I want to be....I'm only 2 so I have time.

I live in a suburb of Washington DC. I used to think I could be a city dog - but I love my house. I love to pee on the grass and do my business in the trees - I could never be a street pooping dog. I don't know how other dogs do privacy or dignity....I live close to a great grocery store...and I know it's great because I decided to take a tour there one day. My walker wasn't watching so I scooted out of the fence and walked right into that grocery store. They wanted me to come in! They even opened the all the doors for me! I checked out the produce and the dog food aisle - I made notes for my mom to let her know what I wanted.

Speaking of my mom - she just married my dad last November and made a legitimate child out of me - not that I cared - but I think the neighbors looked down on me. Both my parents work a lot but they let me watch MTV all day and I get to have all the toys I could ever want. Not a bad life...

Anyways - I was thinking my life was pretty fun and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and stories with you - so look forward to more of Chuck.